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Del Monte Harvest Selections- Beef & Vegetable Stew Food Product Review

Have you ever heard of Ratatouille? If you like watching movies, then you should know that it is an animated film about a hard working rat whose ambition is to become a chef. However, before it became a movie, Ratatouille was already known as a vegetable stew. This vegetable stew finds its origins in France and has a wide variety of uses beef and vegetable stew uk nutritional advantages.

If the forecast is calling for clouds and rain, nothing would suit better than some delicious slow cooker hearty beef and vegetable stew. By cooking the stew « slow and low », the chunks of beef, pork or even steak will tenderize with each passing hour. When the weather outside is dreary, who has the energy, or the desire for that matter, to stand in the kitchen to make the stew? Let the slow cooker do the cooking for you while you curl up with a warm blanket and a good book. Just cut everything up, how doesn’t matter since it’s stew, and toss it all into the crock-pot with some pre-made gravy or water with corn starch added. You might want to come stir it every couple of hours, when you gather the energy to enter your kitchen to make a cup of tea, but other than that, it’s the slow cooker doing the work.

Bacon frying is a mouth watering aroma that just creeps everywhere in the house and makes one want to run to the kitchen and see what is cooking. Things I grew up eating had bacon to make them special. My Mom made a beef stew that with only a small addition of bacon just made the dish. I have traveled on to many more complicated stews than Mom made, with the same result. I have added bacon to so many wonderful and memorable recipes that made them spectacular.

Del Monte Harvest Selections- Beef & Vegetable Stew Food Product Review

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Because of the nature of slow cooker beef and vegetable stew cooking, food can be cooked for longer than expected with no harm to the food. In fact, your meats become more tender when they are cooked like this over longer periods of time.

Tips: Change the flavor by using olive, sun-dried tomatoes, basil and olive oil for frying. And for non-vegetarian, use cubed tenderloin, chicken breast and even a variety of seafood.

The health advantages of cooking with a slow cooker are obvious, but make sure to read your recipes well so you know that you’re getting a healthy recipe that your family will enjoy.

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